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Bethany the Sorceress Epic General
Legion damage: 654

Duel power: 152
Attack: 295
Defense: 160
Race human Human
Role ranged Ranged
Source intellect Intellect
Superior Sorceress: Chance for bonus damage

"You're the dragon-rider of Burden's Rest? I expected you to be taller. And stronger. And, I must confess, better looking. Are you absolutely sure there hasn't been a mistake? Well, I'll admit that you have a dragon -- which is a point in your favor. And these people seem to insist you're the hero everyone's chirping about. I suppose I shouldn't complain... A girl has to become accustomed to disappointment, whether it's during her adventures or on her wedding night. Well, no matter... No matter. I've come all this way, so I may as well remain. My name's Bethany the Sorceress. I assume you've heard of me. Anyone of any consequence has. Have a manservant lead me to a comfortable tent and send for a bottle of wine. I shall relax after my journey, while you inform the mages that you're placing them under my command." -- Bethany the Sorceress
Obtained By:

Image is really simmilar to Yennefer from Andrzej Sapkowski "Witcher" saga.