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Besiegers' Blood Epic Legion

3 Generals: 1 Human/Strength/Tank, 1 Goblin/Intellect/Melee, 1 Any
20 Troops: Any
Power Bonus: 1600% vs Sieges

Legion 1
How many lives were lost in the siege of the Kessov towers, forts, and castle? Noble attackers summoned by their loyalty to the king and defenders who were corrupted against their will both fell in droves, spilling their lifeblood due to a wicked demon's machinations. The horrors you've witnessed will never leave your mind. But the savagery, the brutality, has taught you much about the ways of siegecraft. You only pray you'll never have to use that knowledge again
Obtained By:

Crafting (General - Events): Troops from Kessov (World Raid):

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