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Besieger's Bulwark Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 372

Duel power: 52
Attack: 72
Defense: 84
Siegecraft: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Sieges

Shield besieger
II. Locar trained alongside his family's guardsmen and endured the grueling regimen forced upon them by the masters-at-arms. At first they sneered at him from behind their helmets, believing that he was but a foppish fool playing at soldiering. But he earned their respect by accepting the harsh punishments and arduous tasks the masters piled upon his shoulders, never once complaining. In time he became a splendid warrior, with no equal among the Kessovs' troops and trainers.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from Kessov Castle raids:

Part of Besieger's Set


  • Besieger's Bulwark is a part of one recipe.

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