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Besieger's Mail Coif Epic Helm
Raid damage: 424

Duel power: 53
Attack: 88
Defense: 72
Siegecraft: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Sieges

Helm besieger
III. The young heir of the Kessov house rode out into the world, in search of challenges by which he might prove himself and put his skills and courage to the test. When he heard of bandits plaguing a region, he hunted them down and put them to the sword. When word came of sinister happenings in a dungeon, he ventured into its shadowy depths and did battle with whatever monsters or malefactors he might find within. Thus Locar earned fame and praise not for his name and blood, but for the magnitude of his deeds.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from Kessov Castle raids:

Part of Besieger's Set


  • Besieger's Mail Coif is a part of 7 recipes.

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