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Bernard Bronzefist Legendary General
Legion damage: 1008

Duel power: 280
Attack: 420
Defense: 420
Race dwarf Dwarf
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Bernard Bronzefist: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Troop owned; Bernards's Attack and Defense increase by 25 for every 12 different Troops owned

Bernard bronzefist
Bernard Bronzefist was drunk at the start of the war. There was nothing remarkable in this. When he wasn't killing, he drank. In fact, sometimes he drank even when he was killing -- because drunkenness made everything more fun. On this particular occasion, he woke to find a kobold on top of him. The reptilian creature was trying to cut Bernard's throat. He failed, due to the prodigious thickness of the dwarf's beard. But the damage his crude blade wrought to that proud facial hair incensed young Bronzefist more than the sight of his own gore would have done. He grabbed the kobold and smashed his head against the tunnel floor until the creature's brains were smeared all over the stone. Then the dwarf took up his axe, and set out to avenge himself against the wretched thing's kith and kin.
Obtained By:

Crafted using:

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by Bernard Bronzefist Boost (+300 attack/defense)

Can be boosted by Bernard Bronzefist stat boost (+150 attack/defense) Using 10 Besieger's Banner.

Can be boosted by Bernard Bronzefist stat boost 3 (+200 attack/defense) Using 2 Orange ice wall, 10 Besieger's Banner.


  • Bernard Bronzefist is a part of one recipe.

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