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Basilisk Eye Shield Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 110

Duel power: 15
Attack: 22
Defense: 22
Basilisk's Stare: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +2 damage, +2 deflect

Shield basiliskeye
This shield is well forged. but its true power lies in the eye mounted upon it. Though now sightless, it has retained some of the sinister magic once held in the monster's deadly stare. Foes who gaze upon it may falter, and tremble in dread.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Deathglare (Guild Raid)

Additional Info:

The Basilisk's Stare ability was originally an increased chance to land a critical hit. However, on Jan 13, 2012 this was changed to the current bonus damage proc, with the developers citing a need to remove the critical hit ability: "This shield was never intended to remain as possibly the best off-hand item in the game seventeen months after its release." -Dahrizon It was also noted that this was possibly the first item in the game to be nerfed.


  • Basilisk Eye Shield is a part of one recipe.

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