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Barbute of the Betrayed Epic Helm
Raid damage: 987

Duel power: 124
Attack: 205
Defense: 167
Bitter Betrayal: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Betrayed item equipped

Helm betrayed
3. "They were almost invisible. Splashed with mud and paint that made them blend into the trees and bushes. Never would have expected that from orcs. I'd heard about their forest tribes over in East Kruna, but I still didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Was almost the last thing I saw. But Dahrizon had told us to be on the watch for them, so we were. When the axe flew at my head, I saw it in time to get out of the way. And when they charged I put my sword through that neck of the one who threw it." -- Tharn
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 4/13/12 - 6/22/12, 9/1/2012 - 11/09/2012

Part of Betrayed's Set

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