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Asterion General
Legion damage: 6600

Duel power: 2167
Attack: 2500
Defense: 4000
Race elf Elf
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Blood Fury: 10% chance to deal 120,000 damage; Extra 50,000 damage for each unique piece of Asterion set owned; Extra 13% damage against Elite raids; Gains 100 Attack and Defense for each Elf troop in the active legion; Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 2,500

X. Asterion had seen the Alchemist's cruel vials spit fire before. He hadn't yet hit the ground when the night lit up with a concussion of witchfire, and the wall of the keep where he had stood was a nightmare of green flame and burning corpses. He struggled to his feet, ignoring the sharp sickening ache in his chest that described the broken ribs there.

Asterion lifted his hammer and rejoined the fight. The blood rage fed on the pain. His vision went red, and all that came after was lost in fury.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item May 2017 for 30Planet Coin

Part of Asterion's Set

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