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Ariala's Conjuration Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 970

Duel power: 188
Attack: 220
Defense: 90
Perception: 50
Increases Energy by 40; PvP Bonus: +85 power, +29 damage

Shield ariala
2. Nylvena's genius had been evident from her own infancy. She dabbled with simple cantrips in the cradle, mastered complex incantations at an age when most elves did little more than soil themselves and chew on whatever objects happened to come into their undexterous hands. Thus the sorceress expected no less from her child, the little girl who shared her blood -- along with that of the powerful archmage she had seduced only for the fitness of his seed.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions Available starting Feb 3 to Aug 31 2012

Part of Ariala's Set

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