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Archmage Renoir's Robes Epic Chest
Raid damage: 1020

Duel power: 120
Attack: 220
Defense: 140
Perception: 120
Renoir's Revenge: Chance for bonus damage

Chest archmage renoir

Chest archmage renoir f

2. "[Ingredients:] A crocodile's intestines, thirteen mice (seven brown, six grey), five glowing mushrooms (purple), and ten drops of orc blood. [Magic Applied:] Mimsy's Mortem and Hallori's Lesser Nose-Picker. [Result:] A tonic that tasted of wild cherries and made hair sprout from unexpected orifices. [Notes:] The crocodile bit Vert's arm off before being disemboweled. I told him to be more careful in future." -- Archmage Renoir's journal of eldritch experimentation
Obtained By:

Rare drop from minibosses while questing in Nightmare Scrolls of Dahrizon

Part of Archmage Renoir's Set

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