Animated Armor


Animated Armor is the third boss encounter for Scrolls of Dahrizon (Area: Traps & Tribulations). As with all bosses, Animated Armor can also be battled in a raid with 1 available level: Personal.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Scroll dahrizon iii Scroll of Dahrizon III Used as an ingredient to craft Dahrizon Quest Boss: Animated Armor
Samuel six armed Samuel the Six-Armed 85 75 104 Six-Armed Slaughter: Chance for bonus damage Quest Boss: any Normal Scrolls of Dahrizon
Snulgar the screamer Snulgar the Screamer 90 175 134 Feel the Noise: Chance for bonus damage Quest Boss: any Hard Scrolls of Dahrizon
Taleria Telaria 120 150 158 Guardian of the Forest: Chance for bonus damage Quest boss: any Legendary Scrolls of Dahrizon
Rissa dtang Rissa D'Tang 145 150 183 Rissa's Razors: Chance for bonus damage Quest Boss: any Nightmare Scrolls of Dahrizon


Enter battle

It was an old trap. Put in a long time before those dragon heads and the other ones we'd got past. Simple enough to disarm. Some of the books were fake -- disguised levers. I just pulled those ones and then we could snatch whatever we wanted from the shelves. If Brethurl had waited a few minutes...

Like I said, it was a bloody waste. We went over all the scrolls in the library, and they weren't what we'd come for. They'd belonged to some toff. A noble who'd owned the castle before his son inherited it and sold it to Dahrizon, according to the mage. He must've set that trap up to protect his private papers. Looked like some of them were important once. Nothing in there worth a man's life now though. Just dusty old parchment.

Brethurl was left where he fell. And we went on, still looking for the right bleeding scrolls.

A few more passages, a few more traps. This time I made sure no one did anything so bloody stupid. Course, careful as you are, sometimes everything still goes pear-shaped...

The soldiers perked up when we found the armory. Massive room, that was. Full of fancy weapons and dozens of suits of armor -- big, bright jobs that looked bloody gorgeous in all their colors. Like a rainbow. Never been into heavy armor myself, but I could see it was brilliant work. Dauben was excited. Said it could be used to kit out coves for fighting the dragons.

I did the same thing as before. Went in and started looking around for traps. Maybe I was getting as cocky as the rest of them -- because even I didn't bloody well see it coming that time.

One of the lads was talking, about the place and the blooming warlord. Didn't catch much of what he said. Wasn't really paying attention. I was sussing out one of the suits of armor up close, seeing if it had any nasty surprises inside. I just remember one word: Dahrizon. Soon as it came out of his gob, the helmet's eyes glowed...


Clanking, shouting, screaming... It was a sodding nightmare.

It wasn't like the golems. Here there was something... soft... inside the armor. It's like the glowing stuff was alive -- like it was flesh made of magic. When I stuck my dagger through the chinks in the armor, it acted like any bloke would have done. And when I stuck it enough the lights went out. The bloody armor just fell apart.

But there were a bleeding lot of the damn things left...


... so I jumped over it and-

Huh? Yeah, it is a bit nippy in here. Light the fire then. But hurry up. We're getting near the end.

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