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Ancient Dwarven Legplates Uncommon Pants
Raid damage: 310

Duel power: 43
Attack: 60
Defense: 70
Perception: 70
Increases Energy by 3 and Stamina by 1

Pants dwarven
IV. We were defeated. When the orocs came in vast numbers, and waged war upon our borders, we were unprepared for their fury. And then the goblins beset us in turn, being we thought weak and worthless, that we had slaughtered many times. Soon war was on all sides, and our stone crumbled before it. - The Stone and the Sky
Obtained By:

Occasional drop by the Wexxa the Worm-Tamer quest boss in the Gorehand Tunnels zone of Subterranean Depths on Normal and Hard difficulties.

Part of Ancient Dwarven Set

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