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Aesa Special General
Legion damage: 160

Duel power: 40
Attack: 70
Defense: 50
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source wisdom Wisdom
Warrior of the North: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for Nordent Generals and Troops in Legion; Extra damage for each Aesa's Rune owned (max 30).

For all her beauty and grace, Aesa is as tough and warlike as any Nord. Even the annihilation of her tribe did not break her spirit, as it would have shattered that of a weaker woman. Instead of shedding tears over her kinsfolk's passing, she wishes only to shed blood as she avenges them.
Obtained By:

Bludheim: Malovar River

Additional Info:

~12% chance per attack for Warrior of the North: ~420 damage per 1 stamina; +14 damage per Nordic General or Troop; Nordic troops are:

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