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Acid Epic Armament
Raid damage: 2000

Duel power: 167
Attack: 500
Defense: 0
Armament siege Siege
Tiny Bubbles: 15% chance to deal 20,000 damage; Extra 3,000 damage for each Acid owned (Max: 10); Extra 150,000 damage against Magical Creature raids; Extra 150,000 damage against Plant raids; Acid gains 50 Attack for each Acid owned (Max: 10)

Siege acid
Lord Bogswallow was a wealthy gnome with a well fortified keep. For years those under his rule tried to depose him, yet his fortifications were nigh impenetrable. It wasn’t until the wall of his dining hall melted off during dinner that he fully realized the cunning and tenacity of his opponents.
Obtained By:



  • Acid is a part of 2 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Acid Items/Armaments
Collection heartwood 1 brown
Collection heartwood 2 grey
Collection heartwood 3 green
Collection heartwood 4 blue
Collection heartwood 5 purple
Collection heartwood 6 orange
Siege acid

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